An Iraqi photographic project: Map of Displacement

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Map of Displacement is a multimedia project that tells the story of one of the largest displacement since WW2: The exodus of one million Iraqi civilians – of different ethnic origin and different religious background – who fled their homes and found refuge in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Those people ran from the violence of the ravaging conflict between the Iraqi state and ISIS.

This work attracted a lot of attention from international media and was published on ‘The New York Times‘, ‘BBC‘, ‘Time‘, ‘British Journal of Photography and many others.

‘Map of Displacement’ was produced by ‘Metrography‘, the first Iraqi photo agency. Born in 2009, Metrography is the child of an Iraqi photographer, Kamaran Najm, and an American photojournalist, Sebastian Meyer, who laid the ground for an independent photojournalistic production in Iraq.

However, ‘Map of Displacement’ holds double citizenship Iraqi-Italian. In fact, Italian photographer and photo editor Stefano Carini conceived the project and curated it, in co-operation with another Italian photographer, Dario Bosio.

L’Indro interviewed Stefano and asked him about his work with ‘Metrography’, about the genesis and production of ‘Map of Displacement’, and about his next project.


Stefano, how did you start working with ‘Metrography‘?

I met one of ‘Metrography’ founders in Amsterdam. At the time, I was leaving ‘Noor Images’. They were looking for a photo editor. They needed someone to get the agency on the right track to land on the international market. I was very keen on the idea of working with local photographers, especially in a place like Iraq – a place we had only seen through the lenses of foreign photographers. I visited their offices in Sulaymaniyya in November 2013. I was very impressed. I moved in by May 2014.

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